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DTR Systems offers cable and harness test solutions to industry

We encompass the knowledge and resources to implement test solutions in an innovative and imaginative way

We are a pioneering, well-organised company with an extensive background in electronic system test and product development.

We are an effective, disciplined and reliable company who have the ability to meet targets and objectives and have the persistence to achieve the highest standard in every undertaking.

DTR Systems are commonly used for the following applications:-

  • High Voltage Cable Harness Testing

  • High Current Continuity testing

  • Functional testing

  • In-circuit testing

  • MDA testing (Manufacturing Defect Analysis)

  • Control Panel Testing

  • Component Testing

  • Backplane Testing

  • Fuse Box testing

  • Environmental Control of Test Subject


ISO 9001 Accreditation.

Supplied over 50 systems (many turnkey) to 8 blue-chip companies.

Provided technical consultancy for various test related projects.

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01202 527624
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58 Kinson Road, Wallisdown, Bounemouth, Dorset BH10 4AN
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General Information: enquires@dtrsystems.co.uk
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